Pennsylvania Forensic Associates employs a cognitive behavioral model of treatment that is based on the belief that sexual offenses and violence are self-reinforcing criminal behaviors. Our treatment therefore, employs a firm therapeutically challenging approach, with personal responsibility and accountability clearly established as treatment keystones.


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We are a Sex Offender Assessment Board (SOAB) certified treatment provider, committed to implementing best practices to stop sexual and other forms of abuse. Using a combination of structured Psycho-education and evidence-based treatment strategies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-focused CBT (TF-CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Aggression Replacement Training (ART), and Self- Management & Recovery Training (SMART), we follow the principles of risk, need, and responsivity (RNR) to develop and tailor treatment to end the cycle of abuse.

We offer Sex Offender Evaluations and Treatment, Violence Prevention Evaluations and Treatment, Protective Parenting/Non-Offending Parent Evaluations and Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Intervention treatment, and a variety of Psychological Evaluations. These services are available in English as well as Spanish.


The mission of Pennsylvania Forensic Associates is the prevention of all forms of sexual, physical, and child abuse with the goal of protecting the community from future abuse and child endangerment.

Treatment Services

Sexual Abuse Prevention

With the goal of developing a comprehensive relapse prevention plan that includes building healthy supports and protective factors, our evidence-based model helps clients learn to recognize and challenge their cognitive distortions, manage their deviant arousal, identify feelings/warning signs that play a role in their offense cycle, and recognize high risk situations while learning to avoid and escape them. Click here to learn more.

Violence Prevention

Utilizing a range of evidence-based treatment strategies and structured psycho-education, the violence prevention program helps clients prevent domestic and general violence. Challenging cognitive distortions that support offending behavior, developing an awareness of feelings/warning signs that play a role in the offense cycle, learning potential high risk situations to avoid and escape, and developing a comprehensive relapse prevention plan that includes building healthy supports and protective factors are the focus during treatment. Click here to learn more.

Protective Parenting

Using both group and individual therapy supports, clients learn to recognize age-appropriate child development milestones and warning signs of abuse; develop positive disciplining techniques and other parenting practices and behaviors; engage in positive play with their children; and locate and access community services and supports. Additional reunification supportive services are available. Click here to learn more.

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention

Designed to offer support for individuals transitioning out of secure facilities, the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI) program utilizes evidence-based modalities to provide clients with the skills to learn how to challenge their own criminal thinking and cognitive distortions, develop healthy life and social skills, and construct a generalized Relapse Prevention Plan (RPP) including wellness plan/supports for success.

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Comprehensive Evaluation (Youth Sexuality)
Comprehensive Evaluation (Adult)
Comprehensive Evaluation (Violence Prevention)
Comprehensive Evaluation (Fire Setter)
General Comprehensive
Sex Offender Evaluation
Sexualized Youth Intake Evaluation
Violence Prevention Intake Evaluation
Non-Offending Parent Evaluation
Protective Parenting Evaluation
Psychological Evaluation
Psycho-Sexual Evaluation
Competency Evaluation
Parental Capacity Evaluation
Polygraph Exam


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Careers & Internships

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Our employees are our most valued asset and are committed to our organization because they know they are making a difference, healing lives and helping our clients succeed. If you are looking for work that is more than just a job, consider helping us further our mission while developing professionally. We will provide the training and support to help you succeed. Check out our open positions today to find one that would be a perfect fit for you by clicking the icon below.
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To help build professionals, we are proud to offer academic internships in partnership with many educational institutions at the Masters and Doctoral-level. When you intern at Pennsylvania Forensic Associates, you will gain practical work experience including the chance to navigate the nuances of direct practice in the field. The experience is one that will greatly enhance your clinical skill set and open your mind to a different way of providing clinical services. We have previously partnered with Immaculata University, Albright College, Widener University, Maywood University, Alvernia University, Lehigh University, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Student Testimonial

“My time at PFA was one of the most formative years of training during graduate school. It was a year of immense growth for me, as I was forced to navigate difficult feelings that arose during therapy and face individuals who committed severe harm. Without these experiences, I would have never grown in my ability to be aware of my own emotions during the therapeutic process or learned how to work with a population that wasn’t always motivated to change. In fact, I’m confident that I would be a worse clinician today if I had not spent my first year of practicum at PFA. Combined with great supervision and complex clients, my practicum at PFA was a unique experience that taught me the value of self-care, the complicated presentation of adolescents and adults who offend, and the importance of recognizing the humanity in everyone.”

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